A film about the celebration of hope soaring from the heart of Cleveland Ohio to all corners of the globe. Exploring the history and legacy of Superman, ‘SECRET IDENTITY: The Origin of SUPERMAN’ examines the early days of author Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, the young dreamers whose creation has shaped the imaginations of generations. A journey that has taken them from tragic beginnings, through the creation of one of the most influential superheros of all time. Soon the city that raised them will erect a monument in tribute to their legacy.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster brought life to the idea that goodness and hope exist even in the face of personal hardship. Jerry and Joe’s creation of an alien from a far off place mirrored their family’s experience to the classic Jewish immigrant’s journey. Tragically, Jerry’s father died during a robbery, igniting a passion for justice to a character who embodies the very essence of the word.

A collection of interviews, animations, and cinematic storytelling will guide us through a world before Superman, to a time where no person could imagine one without him. Witness how the birth of an idea from two young men matured into the protector of planet Earth.